European Union slams Pakistan's stand on Kulbhushan Jadhav, poor rights record
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Jun-2017

Brussels, June 16: Dual facing Pakistan is been criticized in all over the world and India has played a very important role in exposing Islamabad’s dirty policies of backstabbing via spreading terrorism in other countries. Now, European Union slammed Pakistan as it adopted a resolution raising concern over the lack of civilian jurisdiction in the nation as well as on Kulbushan Jadhav row.

Notably, European Parliament on Thursday criticized Pakistan while adopting a resolution condemning the poor human rights situation in Islamabad. European Parliament also lambasted Pakistan for breaching international law by not allowing consular access to Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is been sentenced to death in an alleged espionage case.

The resolution which was passed by majority expressed a grave concern over the Human Rights issue and demanded Pakistan to ensure better oversight of their actions:

  • European Parliament in its resolution firstly deplores the use of military courts in Pakistan that hold hearings in secret and have civilian jurisdiction.
  • European Parliament called on Pakistan to ensure better oversight of their actions as it is concerned over broad freedom of operation granted to security forces.
  • European Parliament also urged Pakistan competent authorities to undertake prompt, impartial probe into deaths in custody and killings by security forces.
  • European Parliament showing grave concern over of blasphemy law, it urged the Pakistani government to prevent misuse of the "blasphemy law", which is so vaguely defined as to render it open to abuse, including to target political dissidents.
  • European Parliament resolution further called on Pakistan to repeal sections 295-A,295-B & 295-C of Penal Code to prevent misuse of blasphemy charges.
  • European Parliament demanded fair trials and release of political activists languishing in jails unfairly, like Baba Jan.
  • Further slamming Pakistan, European Parliament said that the protection of human rights in very bad condition in Islamabad as defenders of which face unfair trials are killed or disappear.
  • A member of the European Parliament noted that the Pakistan has one of the largest death row populations globally and EU must pressurize Islamabad to repeal legislation of death penalty to make sure it respects human and labour rights.
  • Another member of European Parliament quoted, “Tell Pak it'll no longer be allowed to be part of GSP Plus scheme if it doesn't comply with 27 Intl conventions it is a party to.”
  • Calling for the abolition of death penalty, European Parliament members urge Pakistan to reintroduce moratorium on executions.
  • European Parliament member warned Pakistan, if Islamabad wants to remain a partner of EU in the future then it has to cease abusing human rights in their country.