GST will contribute in strengthening of the national economy, especially for North East: DoNER
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 16: Union Minister of State for the Development of North Eastern Region DoNER, Dr. Jitendra Singh expressed confidence saying that Goods and Service Tax Bill GST rollout will be smooth in Northeast. GST will play an essential role in positioning India as a nation in the global economy.

While speaking to the President, Federation of Industry & Commerce of North Eastern Region (FINER), Pabitra Buragohain, about the GST related issues in the context of the eight North Eastern States, Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said that GST will contribute to the strengthening of the national economy. This is important particularly for the North East region, which can take advantage of the uniformity in the tax regime throughout the country.  It will also help in curbing tax evasion, he added.

During the meeting, the subject of GST rollout from July was discussed in detail. Pabitra Buragohain expressed his views on the GST and on the tax provisions relating to certain North Eastern industrial products. He also sought certain clarifications. He assured the Minister that the industry will fully cooperate in the government’s decision of rolling out GST in Northeast.

Addressing some of the concerns raised, Dr. Jitendra Singh disclosed that there may be certain relaxations and adjustments in the initial phase of GST rollout. He said the connectivity/internet issues in Northeast are also being adequately addressed for successful implementation of  GST in this region.

Dr Jitendra Singh said GST will surely contribute to the development and overall growth of the economy of the country including the remote areas like North Eastern region by providing ‘One Nation, One Tax’ regime.