India has to work more keeping environment clean, ranks 95th in Environment Impact Survey
Source :News Bharati English   Date :16-Jun-2017

London, June 16: We are far from the African country as Mozambique to keep the environment clean. In a study done by UK's MoneySuperMarket concluded that in a case of keeping the environment clean, India has been ranked 75th while Mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries has topped a survey of nations with the lowest global environmental impact.

UK's MoneySuperMarket report mentions the role of different countries in climate change in the world. The report has also highlighted the areas where each country needs to improve.

When speaking about maintaining the clean environment, the biggest reason of Mozambique topping the list is that the country uses maximise of green energy resources. While on the other side, India's energy needs of only 15.2% are used for renewable energy and only 2.2% waste water is recycled with 0.34-kilogram garbage per person is produced daily.

The ranking is based on numerous considerations, which has an impact on the environment including energy consumption, air pollution, waste production and reliance on non-renewable energy. Self-sufficiency on energy use, air pollution, waste emissions and non-renewable energy are important in those parameters. This ranking structure will help to identify those who are poorer in keeping the environment clean.

There are very little emissions of CO2, air pollution and waste. The presentation of Mozambique's largest neighbour South Africa is also poor as it ranked 95th in position. Trinidad and Tobago, both countries too performed very bad as they have average CO2 emissions of 37.1 tonnes per person.

The revelation of the study was shocking as four other countries of Africa which are Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya and Ghana are among the top seven countries polluting the environment. Africa being continents ranked the top position of the chart as it uses sources of green energy more.