UNHRC must tell Pakistan to vacate illegal occupation of Jammu-Kashmir: India
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Jun-2017

New York, June 16: Lambasting Pakistan for misusing the UN platform to pursue its political objectives, India told UNHRC to tell Pakistan to vacate illegal occupation of Jammu-Kashmir.

In a Right of Reply by India in response to the Statement by Pakistan under the Agenda Item 4 at the ongoing 35th session of United Nations’ Human Rights’ Council, India vouched that the fundamental reason for disturbances in Kashmir is cross-border terrorism promoted by Pakistan.

India said, “Active support since 1989 to separatist groups in Kashmir and terrorist elements from different parts of the world including from territory under Pakistan’s control has become a central element of Pakistan’s state policy.”

Stressing that a policy of zero tolerance to terrorism is as much an international obligation as it is a commitment to its people, India urged the Council to call upon Pakistan to end cross-border infiltration; dismantle the infrastructure of support to terrorism.

India while naming Pakistan as the epicentre of terrorism accused the notorious neighbour of fuelling extremism in Jammu Kashmir since past three decades.

India refers Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh

India's told the global audience that more than a million people remain displaced as a result of the current and past armed conflicts in the north-west of Pakistan. India named Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh where members of the Muttahida Quami Movement are routinely abducted and unlawfully killed.

In its offensive diplomatic statement, India showed a mirror to Pakistan invoking Balochistan freedom. Calling Balochistan struggle, a 'brave' one, India said that the people of Balochistan, amongst other provinces, have been waging for decades a bitter and brave struggle against their daily abuse and torture.

The amicable Human Rights record of the Pakistan Army got a louder audience when India said that religious and sectarian minorities such as Hindus, Christians, Sunnis, Ahmadiyas, Ismailis and others continue to face discrimination, persecution and targeted attacks in Pakistan.

Notably, earlier in the day, Pakistan accused India of suppressing dissent in Kashmir through the use of force. “The situation of gross and systematic violation of human rights in India-occupied Kashmir requires the Council’s urgent attention,” Pakistan said.

India giving the sternest answer to Pakistan statement at UN said the accusation was raked up for “purely propagandist purposes”. New Delhi said Pakistan is testing the patience of Council “with its false narrative over the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir”. “Given the state of affairs, Pakistan will be well advised to focus energies on setting the own house in order,” India further added.

India further raising the issue of violation of human rights in all the parts of Jammu and Kashmir said, “We ask Pakistan to stop inciting and supporting violence and terror in any part of India and refrain from meddling in our internal affair.”