Like Ireland, Serbia to have its same sex Prime Minister named Ana Brnabic
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Jun-2017

Belgrade, June 16: The word ‘Gay’ till today is degraded and seen as an 'offensive thing' to say in the society. Majority of gay men/women do not come up openly fearing the society and its 'so-called' set of norms and cultural values. But there are countries in the world that have accepted the gay population more than ever. In the this week of June, Irish Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar becomes Ireland’s first same sex Prime Minister and so does Serbia gets its first gay woman Prime Minister Ana Brnabic (41). It’s surprising to see that people trust the same sex leaders to govern their country.

On Thursday, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic gave the mandate to the non-party technocrat, Ana Brnabic to form a new government. Vucic handpicked Brnabic to succeed him as prime minister following his election in the landslide victory in April.

Brnabić entered politics just last year when she became Serbia’s first openly gay minister, heading the ministry for public administration and local self-government. She studied in the US and graduated in Hull with a marketing MBA in 2001, before returning to Serbia to work in the wind power industry and then for US-funded development projects.

Vucic is a powerful leader in Serbia who looks forward to join hands with Beijing and Russia. While the powers of Prime Minister are supreme in the country, Vucic will continue to retain his grip on power and leadership of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party and Ana Brnabic will stay to support him in the uplifting of the EU country.