Erdogan decries US arrest warrants for 12 members of his security in Washington brawl
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 16-Jun-2017

Ankara, June 16: US authorities on Thursday announced arrest warrants had been issued for 12 members of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan's security detail for assaulting protesters in Washington last month. Erdogan in his reply said that his guards were trying to protect him from the ‘terrorists’. Washington said that Erdogan’s security attacked a small Kurdish and Armenian protestors outside the Turkish ambassador’s residence on May 16, just after Erdogan met Trump at the White House.

State Department Spokesperson said, “United States does not tolerate individuals who use intimidation and violence to stifle freedom of speech and legitimate political expression.” Us Senator John McCain said, “After all, they violated American laws in the U.S, so you cannot have that happen in the United States of America. People have the right to peacefully demonstrate here.”

However, Erdogan lashed back accusing US police of having allowed “terrorists” to protest “50 meters from me” during his US visit. He also further said, “Why would I bring my guards with me to the U.S, if not to protect me?” In his speech in Ankara, he said that his guards did nothing and that he will fight the case politically and judicially.