Preserve our earth & pass it on to the coming generations in a better condition: Dr. Harsh Vardhan
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Jun-2017

Bhondsi, June 17: Since the creation of World, nature like a careful mother has guarded every life. The more Human race has become developed their greed has increased with time. For more comfort more land we have destroyed nature and now she has taken back her face from us. Desertification leads to dry degraded land and gradually to drought. It can harm us highly but desertification can be effectively tackled. Environment Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan addressed a gathering in the Haryana and suggested the active participation of the local people can help to solve the problem.

Since 1995 UN is observing The World Day to Combat Desertification to promote public awareness relating to international cooperation to combat desertification and the effects of drought. Today Haryana is also celebrating the day.

Embeded ObjectOn the occasion, Harsh Vardhan told how we can use technology and science to protect nature.  He referred to the devising of a solar tree by the scientists on an area of 4 sq. meter, which generates 5 KW of electricity. He urged the people to go back to their homes with the spirit imbibed at the celebrations and work with renewed vigor for afforestation as a means to combat desertification. Aravalli range is important for the whole nation. People should put the highest effort to make this range more beautiful.

Embeded ObjectChief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal also spoke on the occasion. He pointed out climate change as a key reason of Desertification. He stressed that afforestation can act as a bulwark to stop the process of desertification of land.  The Chief Minister announced that the forest around Bhondsi area has been renamed as “Chandra Shekhar Smriti Van” in the memory of former Prime Minister Chandrashekhar.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Shri Manohar Lal also rode a part of the distance at the venue, on bicycles to spread the message of environment protection and good health. A report prepared by Wildlife Institute of Dehradun titled “Mapping Aravallis” on the state of Aravallis was released.