London fire death toll might rise up to 80; PM Theresa May to give out $6.4mn to survivors
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 17-Jun-2017

London, June 17: Grenfell tower fire is one of the worst fire outbreaks that Britain has ever seen. The building is so charred that the fire officials say that it might collapse. This also indicates that if there were people trapped inside the building then finding a body will be way difficult. A list of those missing based on accounts of friends and survivors reached around 80 people, including 30 confirmed dead.

Prime Minister Theresa May visited the spot but did not meet the victims. She directly met the fire brigade and police officials which has drawn a lot of criticism towards her. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was also dissed for the very reason. Andrea Leadson, leader of the House of Commons asked, “Where is Theresa May?”

However, Theresa May has declared to give out a comprehensive package of help to the victims. She announced yesterday that a 5 million pound fund will be given following meeting with survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.  The package includes a guarantee to rehouse people as close as practically possible to where they previously lived — either in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea or in neighbouring boroughs. May says the fund aims to “give the victims the immediate support they need to care for themselves and for loved ones. We will continue to look at what more needs to be done.”

Queen Elizabeth and Prince William visited the disaster site after Communities secretary Sajid Javid’s visit promised re-housing the victims, and a thorough inquiry into the incident after experts and residents had cautioned the tower was a fire hazard.