Read about “Little Sunfish” robot who can swim underwater
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Jun-2017

Tokyo, June 17: We may not combat natural calamity but with the help of technology the damages can be recovered to some extent.  Japanese industrial group headed by Toshiba has designed a robot which can run underwater. The robot is called “little sunfish” will examine the damaged part of Fukushima nuclear reactor. The developers have planned to deploy it in July. The size is a loaf of bread and comfortably fits into two outstretched hands close together.

Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in 2011 is considered as the second most dangerous disaster in the world.  Radiation emanated from the power plant contaminated the soil of the total area leading to forced evacuation of all local civilians.

After the accident of 2011, robotics has played an important role in the clean-up task. But 7 robots deployed to assess the damage succumbed to the hostile environment of the reactor after giving some data. Amid high radiation levels, its motion failed leading to the collapse.

In this week near Tokyo, the robot hit the water as its first journey. This was a test journey. A team of scientists operates it with the help of a data cable. Through the cable, it sends back whatever pictures or data it can capture. The scientists hope once it will enter the nuclear reactor, it will give some important inputs to remove radioactive wastes from the plant.