Thailand decomposes ‘Plastic Bags’ in weeks; should India adopt the same?
Source :News Bharati English   Date :17-Jun-2017

Bangkok, June 17: Like many emerging nations, Thailand to faces a dilemma related how to address growing energy needs and consumption without sacrificing economic growth.

Keeping that in mind, Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) is looking to bio-based arrangements, exploiting a blossoming farming industry by reusing the waste it produces and simultaneously, possibly making a green-tech sector other countries can copy. The EEC was set up by the Thai government to coordinate interests in such cutting edge enterprises as next-generation cars, farming and biotechnology, robotics, biofuels and biochemical, among others.

With an aim to remake something from useful from harmful once used products like plastic bags and food containers, the EEC going to turn bioplastics and materials derived from local plant products like cassava starch or bamboo scraps from chopstick factories to manufacture new options that decompose completely after a few weeks.

International bioplastic producer Corbion recently reported a development of their presence in Thailand with an extra $100 million venture, incorporating another office in Rayong set to open in 2018 that will deliver poly-lactic-corrosive (PLA); a bioplastic polymer produced using sugar cane.

Marketing director for bioplastics at Corbion Francois de Bie said, “The market for PLA is growing some 15 to 20 percent per year, driven by consumers that want to have plastic products that are more sustainable than the oil-based plastics,” and“PLA has a low carbon footprint and helps to reduce plastics pollution.”

 As De Bie also noted that the packaging is often also the last thing a consumer sees the product they purchased. As more and more consumers do not want to create waste, they are interested to see sustainable bioplastic packaging.

The EEC has an unmistakable eye to guarantee foreign investment isn't frustrated by strict government laws. As indicated by their site, "more than one hundred Thai laws and controls will be altered or suspended to encourage remote speculation." With this new push for interest in green tech through business-accommodating activities giving an immense monetary lift; Thailand stands ready to capitalise on its eco-accommodating future. Unmistakably, it's a development industry in more courses than one.