Indian army believes in human rights: asserts Army Chief Gen Rawat
Source :News Bharati English   Date :18-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 18: Chief of the Indian Army Gen.  Bipin Rawat Saturday asserted that there was no human rights violation by the Indian armed forces in the Kashmir valley.

The Army Chief said that the army believed in human rights, and misinformation about this was spurring young people to take to arms against it.

“There is misinformation campaign that human rights are violated in the valley, he said in an interaction with media on the sidelines of the combined graduation parade at Dindigal Air Force Academy on Hyderabad outskirts on Saturday.

“The situation in Kashmir is not as bad as it has been projected,” he maintained.

“The security forces are doing a great job in bringing the situation under control. Some parts of south Kashmir are indeed troublesome, but necessary actions are taken to bring peace to the valley,” the General said. However he did not see any harm in posting Army in close proximity with people so far as the aim is to bring peace.

“Indian army belongs to its people. We have been called upon to do a particular task, by the government of India, because they felt that there is requirement for army. We are there to see that situation is brought under control, therefore in the present juncture we have to continue with the task in the manner in which we were carrying on,” Rawat elaborated.

“Possibly that was compelling younger generation to pick up arms. But I am quite confident that soon they will understand that violence is not good for the state and for the people. All that armed forces want is peace and tranquillity in the valley”, he asserted.

General Rawat said that officers are trained to handle such situations where school children are pelting stones. “We are an army that strongly believes in human rights, we have an impeccable record. We know how to deal with children and women in such situations,” he said.

Refusing to comment on the ongoing political blame game over trouble in Kashmir he said that armed forces don't care about statements by politicians. “We have a task at hand, for that we work round the clock,” he said.

Replying to a question of another incident of alleged Human shield by army in Kashmir he said Army takes action only after considering the nature of the task that they are expected to carry out.

Asked about children who pelt stones at Indian troops and officers in the valley, General Rawat said the army was trained to handle these situations and emphasised that it believed in human rights.

“We are trained to handle such situations. We believe very strongly in human rights.”

General Rawat also said misinformation was causing those from the younger generations to pick up arms in the valley.

“Some misinformation is being spread among people of J&K and possibly compelling some of the younger generations to pick up arms,” the Indian Express quoted him as saying.

The army chief’s comments also came as the National Conference leaders on Saturday held a dharna outside the Jammu and Kashmir assembly to protest the use of pellet guns on students.