Cold War II? Russia stands with Cuba against new US policy
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Jun-2017

Moscow, June 19: World War II officially ended in 1945. But the geopolitical tension aroused over the rivalry between US and Russia. Formation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) also took place in that particular tension. Though both the parties avoided confrontation with arm they started developing intercontinental ballistic missiles. Russia was allegedly installing missiles in Cuba. US-Cuba relation was at tension and former President Barrack Obama started to ease the situation. But Donald Trump has dismissed open relations between the US and Cuba and termed it “one-sided”.  Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement slammed the decision by calling it a return to cold war.

To normalize the US-Cuba relation, the previous administration took several steps. Present US President Trump announced to cancel the unilateral schemes. He announced to tighten its policies with Cuba. He accused Raul Castro administration of supplying arms to North Korea and instigating tension in Venezuela.  UN General Assembly confirmed the international community’s position on Cuba regarding anti-blockade resolution. Russia advised the US to listen to it.

"When the previous administration in Washington made considerable changes to the course conducted towards the island, we reasonably believed that this was not so much a manifestation of the goodwill of individual politicians, but a reflection of the failure of the policy of diktat and sanctions against this small and freedom-loving state… Now it turns out that the anti-Cuban discourse is still in high demand," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

According to the statement, this approach has characterized the US attitude to Cuba for decades. "The new course announced by the US president towards Cuba returns us to the already almost forgotten rhetoric of the Cold War style," the statement added.