Proud! 11 Himachali students set world record in performing yoga asanas for long duration
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 19-Jun-2017

Rampur, June 18: Yoga which is India’s immense gift to humanity. The whole world now recognizes and understands the importance of Yoga as it benefits us most. Just two days remaining for the International Yoga Day, but in the meanwhile, eleven students of Himachal Pradesh have made records by practicing yoga 'asanas' for a long duration to enter the Golden Book of World Records on Sunday.

Eleven students including Kaushalya has set a record for performing 'paschimottanasana' or seated-forward bend for a longer duration. Anuj made a record of doing 'sirsasana' or headstand sequence with a record of two hours and 25 minutes in one go. Likewise, Isha created a record in 'sarvangasana', popularly known as the shoulder stand.

Srujal has set a record in 'padmasana' a cross-legged posture which helps deepen meditation and Aashit Chet in 'surya namaskara' or sun salutation. Notably, Aashit has broken the previous record of doing 'surya namaskara' 1,230 times at one stretch. He made the record of doing 'surya namaskara' 1,401 times in one go.

Golden Book of World Records national head Alok Kumar said that 11 students became young achievers at a yoga camp held in Rampur town on June 15. Interestingly, all the students made world record are less than 18 years of age and they have learned the exercises in less than a month.