Smooth surfing happy user! Google to block annoying ads in chrome from 2018
Source :News Bharati English   Date :02-Jun-2017

Los Angeles, June 2: There is not a single person who uses Google Chrome on regular basis and not annoyed with ads. In middle of an important work, the pop-ups really irritate users. Google has started initiatives to provide a better surfing platform to users. Chrome users will see fewer ads from 2018.

Google has already informed the publishers about this step. All the ads will be not blocked by Google itself makes most of the money out of the ads. They will only filter the most annoying ads. Google wants to make publishers accustomed to the less intrusive advertising formats.  They will block the ads which are more aggressive to get user’s attention.

Due to problems caused by ads, many people now use ad blockers. These ad blockers block all the ads. This is frustrating for ad makers and even for Google. Google ads and commerce SVP Sridhar Ramaswamy has written in his blog, that there are the content creators, journalists, web developers and videographers who depend on ads to fund their content creation. If users use ad blockers to block all ads, it would lead to a great loss of those who depend on the ad for their content creation. Hence online ads should be better.

The new software will remove advertising formats rejected by the Coalition for Better Ads. This is a trade group having members like Google and Facebook, media companies like News Corp. and the Washington Post. Auto-playing video ads with sound, pop-up ads are already included in the format.