A new Committee will be set up to Look into the De-Silting of Ganga
Source :News Bharati English   Date :02-Jun-2017

Sultanganj, June 2: The less a country polluted, the brighter is that country’s future.  To rejuvenate the beautiful Ganga and to reduce the water pollution, Government of India has undertaken ‘Namami Gange Programme’.  Yesterday, Minister for Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation Sushri Uma Bharati addressed a Ganga Chaupal in Sultanganj, Bihar as part of her ongoing ‘Ganga Nirikshan Abhiyan’. She has declared a committee is being set up in her ministry to look into the issues of de-silting and mining in river Ganga.

Uma Bharati has entered Bihar on the sixth day of her ‘Ganga Nirikshan Abhiyan’. A sewage treatment plant will be constructed at Sultanganj. The Ministry will take initiatives on biodiversity and restoration of aqua- life being undertaken by National Mission for Clean Ganga. Under Namami Gange Programme, afforestation and plantation activities are being carried out at the banks of river Ganga to avoid soil erosion and dumping of sewage and industrial waste into the river.

As hygiene is a problem in many villages of India, open-defecation pollutes the rivers. To prevent that,   Nama mi Ganga team is giving hard effort to create adequate sewage treatment capacities besides projects to make towns and villages along river Ganga Open Defecation Free. Existing Ghats in Bihar will be renovated along with the construction of new Ghats.