Around 33 dead in Philippines Casino attack, claims it was robbery attack
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 02-Jun-2017

Manila, June 2: A gunman attacked a hotel and casino complex in the Philippines capital city Manila on Thursday evening, feeling hundreds of tourists laid feeling in terror. The countries national police head informed that the man shot himself after the attack.

After the rescue operation, 33 people found was dead, 54 were injured from which some of them are in serious condition. On Friday, a day after the attack, the national police discovered that the victims harmed were not because of a gunshot but because of choking smoke from the fire. The guest and hotel staff was trying to fly off the choking gas but was not completely succeeded in that.  

According to the National police chief, the attack was not a terrorist attack but was a robbery attack. The lone gunman was described by victims as a man with a mustache and a fair skin, who was also found dead inside the complex. The police assumed that the gunman killed himself, as he was found dead in the hotel's guest room.

The police said it as a robbery attack as the gunman stole gaming chips worth $2.3 million, shot a LED monitor and set gaming tables in flames. According to police the victims has informed them that the gunman didn’t shot anyone directly rather he was firing randomly inside the casino.

The National police chief, General Ronald Dela Rosa informed “If this is Isis, all the people gambling inside should have been shot or already been bombed. He didn’t hurt anyone. Those who were injured got their injuries when they jumped from the windows”.

After hearing the gunshot sound many guests in the hotel got panicked and tried to get out of the building, where some of them jumped from the second floors windows. Resorts World Manila tweeted that "The company has followed emergency protocols to ensure the safety of guests and employees as far as the situation allowed."

A Filipino operative for the ISIS terror group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.