Japan attracting more foreign tourists than ever; 21.2% rise in number
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-Jun-2017

Tokyo, June 21: When we describe Japan, the improved technology, science, economy but we often forget the beauty of the land.  Along with the places, Japanese food is also increasing its value in international market.  Foreign tourists are leaning more to Japan. According to Japan tourism agency number of foreign visitors to Japan reached 2,294,700 in May. It increased straight 21.2% from last year.

Now tourists are coming to explore Japan rather than shopping. They are seeking experience of Japanese lifestyle, culture. This year’s cherry blossom festival has seen mnore foreign particuipants than other year.

Due to more visitors seeking experience-based tourism, increase in the number of cruise ships visiting the country took place. This has also helped the tourism related consumption though the Chinese tourists’ habit of extravagant shopping decreased.

The tourists are arriving by Cruise ships and budget airlines. There will be 5,169 regular weekly flights to Japan this summer. This is the highest number ever.

For experience based tourism the number of reservations increased highly. Tokyo Sushi-Making Tour saw a 50% increase in reservations for its April sushi-making programs. Main participants were from western countries.

The main jump was in tourists from South Korea. The number directly increased by 85%.