Mumbai Police urge people to switch to ‘Yoga’ with creative concept of ‘Traffic AnushAasan’
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 21-Jun-2017

Mumbai, June 21: No wonder whole world is immersed in celebration of ‘Yoga Day’; Mumbai too is the part of the celebration. Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the whole world to adopt yoga in daily routine. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis along with the Ministry of Railway Suresh Prabhu celebrated Yoga Day.

CM Fadnavis, Suresh Prabhu performed yoga along seaside organized by Mumbai Police, Spandan Arts and Member of Parliament Poonam Mahajan. Celebrating Yoga Day with Divyaj’s Foundation farmers and children from distressed areas was another highlighting point of this event.

Also another creative initiative taken by Mumbai Police was of special campaign to make citizens aware of yogic exercises as well as traffic safety rules. With the hashtag #TrafficAnushAasan, the cops released cartoons and merged Yoga with traffic rules to spread meaningful messages.

Today while our lives are stuck amidst the stress and hectic routine, our body and mind craves for peace and tranquility – which can be attained through Yoga. Let us unite on the eve of InternationalYogaDay 2017 and encourage healthier minds for healthy ‘us’.