‘Yoga for Health’ propagated throughout the nation to heal ‘Oneself’ on the eve of #IDY2017
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 21: The whole nation is drowned in the fever of celebrating 3rdWorld Yoga Day 2017, with different concepts, with different ideologies toward society and to heal ‘Oneself’. With the theme ‘Yoga for Health’- people from different parts of nation are already immersed in performing different Aasanas.

Maharashtra: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis along with the Ministry of Railway Suresh Prabhu celebrated Yoga Day. CM Fadnavis, Suresh Prabhu performed yoga along seaside organized by Mumbai Police, Spandan Arts and Member of Parliament Poonam Mahajan. Celebrating Yoga Day with Divyaj’s Foundation farmers and children from distressed areas was another highlighting point of this event.

Odisha: Hundreds of People from various strata of society attended the function. On this occasion the event was inaugurated by Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan at Janata Maidan in Odisha.  The event was being organized by National Ayush Mission.  As a part of yoga day celebrations, various yoga camps are being organized throughout the state and country. Beautiful sand sculptures have been created at Puri beach by renowned sand artists Sudarsan Pattnaik and Manas Kumar Sahoo to create awareness on Yoga. Tourists have crowded the beach to see the sculptures.

Chennai: In Chennai, Anna Hazare and Union Minister Anantha Kumar along with many people performed yoga Aasanas. Also many school students participated in the celebration of World Yoga Day 2017. Also entertaining shows have been organized with the concert like ‘Yoga Rave’ show in Chennai which will have unique radium theme where people will perform yoga. Here the health and entertainment goes hand in hand.

Today while our lives are stuck amidst the stress and hectic routine, our body and mind craves for peace and tranquility – which can be attained through Yoga. Let us unite on the eve of InternationalYogaDay 2017 and encourage healthier minds for healthy ‘us’.