Singapore’s ‘Intellectually Disabled’ too celebrate International Yoga day
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-Jun-2017

Bangkok, June 21: Yoga is India's blessing to the world that holds the guarantee of self-acknowledgment and as a science tries to keep the body, brain, and soul in concert. Legitimately showcased, yoga can possibly attract countless.

Taking Yoga the ancient Indian science of health & healing to the world, Singapore celebrating International Yoga Day with great vigor. Like every year this year also the International Day of Yoga is being celebrated around the world, including in Singapore, in a big way.

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Singapore has arranged a weeklong Yoga sessions or practice throughout the city between 17-25 June having 85 sessions and 8000 participants at 70 Centres with center Focus on the intellectually disabled. Singapore’s Changi Airport, a school, university and Buddhist temple too arranged yoga sessions.

Today on International Yoga Day after the Yoga sessions, Singapore arranged 2nd International Conference on Ayurveda. More than 300 people attended the conference. During the conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the message on Yoga Day through video conference. Addressing the event many Singapore leadership, Malaysia & India experts gave the speech.

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The High Commission of India organized the Yoga Day at 50 centers across the Singapore. The centers extended from Changi International Airport, iconic malls, workers dormitories, gardens to Schools, Polytechnics, Universities and Community Centres and at the High Commission.

The participation is irresistible with over 8000 people participating at the various centers with all centers having participation beyond the registered capacity. Minister in Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office, Grace Fu, along with local MPs, schoolchildren, professionals, migrant workers, members of the diplomatic corps, the Indian community, senior executives from business and other organizations and Singaporeans from all walks of life took part in the International Day of Yoga.

The event at 50 centers across the country was to make it a part of the commemorative event marking the 50 years of establishment of India-Singapore relations and 50 years of independence of Singapore.

The Yoga on Saturday marking the first day of celebrating International Yoga day was kicked off at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, consists of 10 Sq Km. and the day has also marked the joining of Singapore diplomats.

The celebration of International Yoga Day celebrated at 70 centers in Singapore starting from From Changi Airport to UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Botanical Garden, homes for elderly to schools, streets to spiritual centers.

Over 8000 people are registered for Yoga practice between June 17 and25. The 3rd International Yoga day at Gardens by the Bay was celebrated with a practice of Yoga; Meditation; Laughter Yoga and a book on Yoga's life-changing impact through stories of women was also launched.