From India across the world- Yoga stretches its back on this #InternationalYogaDay
Source :News Bharati English   Date :21-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 21: Derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Yug’- Yoga is a practice that is being preached from ancient India. The very origin of Yoga dates back to 5th-6th B.C and till today, the world believes in Yoga and its healings. On the International Yoga Day, from UK to Canada, China to India, people religiously practice Yoga and celebrate it with all their zeal today. Almost 3 million people regularly attend yoga lessons in Germany alone. Meanwhile, London has totally dived into the practice of Yoga. Thousands of Britons of all ages converged through the day at Trafalgar Square to celebrate International Yoga Day, 2017.


In parts of America, especially Oregon, a trend has originated by yoga teacher Laney Morse where in yoga fans practice yoga along with goats. Yogis across U.S and Europe are eager to try out the so-called goat yoga. The concept behind it is to practice yoga around goats. While the goats might distract or even disturb the participants, goat yoga is more about being soothed than doing a perfect sun salutation.
At first, Europe and America, people initially ridiculed the poses as erotic and funny. But the postures later gained popularity amongst the masses as Indian regimes of health and fitness was remodeled. In many places, Yoga is seen as a stress buster and has been inculcated into nontraditional elements- like psychotherapy, western occultism, chiropractic, hypnosis and forms of New Age religion. And this has taken Yoga to a different course from its original roots. 


One scholar has called Yoga consisting “the pizza effect”. Just like the pizza’s modern journey from Napoli to New York and back, yoga has travelled far beyond its homeland, and has assimilated diverse influences – returning back to India with new flavours and ingredients.