Egypt sends fuel for power starved Gaza indicating improved relation of conflicting countries
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-Jun-2017

Gaza, June 22: Since 2005, it has been more than a decade; Gaza is going through an endless chain of crisis. Thousands of innocent civilians have lost their lives during the internal conflict and conflict with Israel. The children are growing among bombs and bullets. Now in addition to previous all crises, they are suffering from an energy crisis. More than 2 Million residents are spending their days with less than 3 hours of electricity per day. To bring some relief to this tension, Egypt sent one million liters of fuel to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

There is only one power plant in the territory which has been shut down long ago due to fuel shortage. Due to a reported payment dispute between the Palestinian Authority, based in the West Bank, and Gaza's Hamas Islamist rulers, the shutdown came down as a new curse on Gaza residents.  The fuel is set to be sent to this power station.

Unfortunately, according to local media reports, the Palestine Authority which contracts the power company has instructed not to accept the fuel. The Fatah party dominated PA is in a dispute with Hamas, the Islamist governor group of Gaza. By cutting Fuel and electricity, Fatah President is trying to pressurize Hamas.

Two days ago Israel also reduced electricity supply in Gaza. After this, the Palestinians in Gaza faced a “total collapse” of a basic service having electricity two hours per day. The Egyptian fuel could increase it to 5-7 hours.

Since the conflict started between Gaza and Egypt, it is the first official delivery of Egyptian fuel to Gaza. This measure indicates the improved relationship.