India, Russia celebrates 10 years of partnership in Science and Technology
Source :News Bharati English   Date :22-Jun-2017

Moscow, June 22: The co-operation in Science and Technology is one of the strong grounds in Indo-Russia relationship. Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi and Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Moscow are also celebrating the 10th year of their partnership along with India-Russia 70 years of diplomatic relation. Both the nations have agreed to put effort for start-up companies and entrepreneurs and to establish Indo-Russian Bridge for Innovation. An MOU on the India-Russia unified technology assessment and accelerated commercialization program was concluded in Moscow.
The two agencies- Department of Science & Technology (DST), Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) concluded the MoU.

For the development of technology collaboration and joint projects, the agencies will work together. They will link the Indian and Russian organizations and institutions to develop user-friendly and easy mechanisms for assisting companies and research entities.

This visit of Secretary DST, has been utilized to discuss with other Russian stakeholders of bilateral scientific cooperation on the following targeted activities:


  1. Conclude MOU between DST and FASIE (to promote R&D cooperation with participation of SME sector and start- up companies)


  1. Conclude renewal document between DST and RFBR on continuation of partnership in Basic Science cooperation


  1. Conclude Addendum with Russian Science Foundation for next call of proposals


  1. Supervise conclusion of DST document with Russian Ministry of Education & Science on joint selection of projects against the last call of proposals


  1. Discussion on implementation of MOU, concluded in Goa Summit last year, with Russian Federal Agency of Scientific Organisation


  1. Discussion and Negotiation with Russian Ministry of Economy Development for an MOU for cooperation in Innovative R&D and to establish Indo-Russia Bridge for Innovation


  1. Discussion with St. Petersburg University on cooperation in Cyber-Physical System (Big Data, Cyber Security, Internet of Things, Supercomputing)


  1. Discussion with IOFFE Institute in St. Petersburg on their participation in bilateral cooperation. (One of its scientists was recently awarded Nobel Prize in Physics).