London Mayor considers cutting car journeys to reduce pollution
Source :News Bharati English   Date :22-Jun-2017

London, June 22: The recent turn of events in London has been disastrous and painful for the people living in United Kingdom. Non-stop terror attacks have disturbed the country’s peace and governance. However, Mayor Sadiq Khan has thought to take up other issues in consideration like increasing pollution. To decrease the level of pollution in the Britain, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has unveiled a plan that aims to see 80% of journeys in the British capital b y public transport, walking or cycling.

This plan aims to reduce the car journeys in London by 3 million per day. This plan will also help to cut pollution by half in numbers if people take up other modes of transportation into consideration. Khan also set an ambition to ensure 70% of all Londoners live within 400mts of a safe cycle route. “We have to be ambitious in changing how our city works. While there will be five million additional journeys being made across our transport network by 2041, at the same time we’re setting ourselves a bold target of reducing car journeys by 3 million every day,” said the Mayor.Embeded Object

New developments like setting up “Healthy Streets” initiative will promote walking, cycling and greater use of public transport. The proposals are outlined in the first draft of Khan’s new Transport Strategy, which sets out the bold plan to cut people’s dependency on car. A key focus of the Mayor’s Healthy Streets Approach aims to see Londoners physically active at least 20 minutes a day to help them stay healthy.