India will overtake China in population in 7 years: UN report
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 22-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 22: India's population will surpass China's by 2024 and will also continue to be the most populated nation till 2050, as per a report by the Department of Economic and Social Affairs’ Population Division.

United Nations report also claims that global population will increase to 8.6bn by 2030, 9.8bn in 2050. By 2050, the most populated nations will be India, Nigeria, Congo, Pak, Ethiopia, Tanzania, US, Uganda & Indonesia.

John Wilmoth, director of the Population Division, said at a news conference that the report includes information on the populations of 233 countries or areas of the world. “The population in Africa is notable for its rapid rate of growth, and it is anticipated that over half of global population growth between now and 2050 will take place in that region,” he said.

“At the other extreme, it is expected that the population of Europe will, in fact, decline somewhat in the coming decades,” he added.

The demographic profiles display key demographic indicators for selected periods or dates between 1950-2100, for countries or areas with more than 90,000 inhabitants in 2017. In all figures, values for 1950-2015 are estimates and those thereafter are projections (medium variant).

The report, titled The World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision, said fertility has been declining in nearly all regions in recent years. Between 2010 and 2015, Wilmoth said, “The world’s women had 2 1/2 births per woman over a lifetime but this number varies widely around the world.”

Much of the overall increase in population between now and 2050 is projected to occur either in high fertility countries, mostly in Africa, or in countries with large populations. From 2017 to 2050, it is expected that half of the world’s population growth will be concentrated in just nine countries: India, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Ethiopia, the United Republic of Tanzania, the United States of America, Uganda and Indonesia (ordered by their expected contribution to total growth).

Among the ten largest countries of the world, one is in Africa (Nigeria), five are in Asia (Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan), two are in Latin America (Brazil and Mexico), one is in Northern America (United States of America), and one is in Europe (Russian Federation). Amongst these, Nigeria’s population, currently the seventh largest in the world, is growing the most rapidly.

Consequently, the population of Nigeria is projected to surpass that of the United States shortly before 2050, at which point it would become the third largest country in the world. In 2050, the populations in six of the ten largest countries are expected to exceed 300 million: China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and United States of America (in alphabetical order).