Taiwan, South Korea joins hands to boost two-way tourism
Source :News Bharati English   Date :23-Jun-2017

Seoul, June 23: South Korea is the third largest country to have Taiwanese tourists. Both are stepping up efforts to increase the number of tourist arrivals between them to 3 million by next year. Taking this in consideration Taiwan and South Korea will join hand to boost two-way Tourism.

Over 74 thousands of Taiwanese visit South Korea for various purposes. Korea expects that the number of travellers amongst Taiwan and South Korea can be increased 50% in a year.

Today, the Korea Association of Travel Agents Yang Moo Seung stated that ‘a concerted effort will be made to expand transportation platforms in pursuit of that goal’. This was stated at the 2016 annual Taiwan-South Korea Tourism Exchange Meeting in Incheon-Songdo in South Korea.

Yang Moo Seung expressed that; hopefully, a big boost in tourism with Taiwan could be achieved and vowed to expand transportation platforms for travellers. This year the two sides adopted the goal of 2 million visitors travelling between the two countries.

According to data of Taiwan's Tourism Bureau, by the end of April 2017, the number of Taiwanese visitors to South Korea had reached 287,926, while 378,075 Korean travellers had come to Taiwan.

Attending the meeting Taiwan Visitors Association Chairwoman Yeh Chu-lan noted that Taiwan will continue its efforts to realise the goal of 2 million travellers between the two countries this year. Taiwan will be developing multi-destination cruise travel packages through regional cooperation in an effort to expand the Asian cruise travel service market.

Adding the point Liu said the Bureau will continue to promote Taiwanese culture, gourmet food, and tourist attractions while taking the initiative to forge cooperative links with related Korean businesses in an effort to attract more Korean visitors to Taiwan. Taiwan's Tourism Bureau initiated a project the Asian Cruise Fund and the Hong Kong Tourism Board to boost regional cooperation on cruise travel.