The only happy souls during Darjeeling shutdown are the students
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 24-Jun-2017

Darjeeling, June 24:  Children don’t understand the complexity of dirty politics; they found happiness in every little thing. The Hill students are unaware of how their beautiful Darjeeling is burning due to Gorkhaland issue. The indefinite shutdown of Morcha has stopped the normal flow of life in the area. Before two days, Gorkha leader gave two days for the schools to evacuate its students. They were allowed few hours to leave the schools. In the middle of an academic session, this is not good for the academic career of students. Still, the guardians are happy as this was also a nerve-wracking situation for them.

The boarding schools of the Darjeeling are famous for its quality education. Students from different states, even different nations take admission there. During this political turmoil, along with Indian students, Nepal, Bhutan, Hongkong, Thailand, and Bangladesh were stranded in the Hills.

The students were happy to think that they can have a good time with friends during the bus ride. They are in a mood of a picnic. The little hearts are only worried about the coming long vacation. Before boarding the bus, they hugged each other happily.

Morcha leaders told that the schools would not need to worry about strikes. They will take care of it. But they checked the Id cards of students and maintained a register of all students. In support of their actions, they said, “We set up pickets at the major crossing. Checked identity cards and maintained a register for all students. We then helped the buses to leave the Hills”.