Limitation, a mere word in dictionary; read about the Japanese woman who has proved that
Source :News Bharati English   Date :24-Jun-2017

Tokyo, June 24: Whenever we introduce someone, we give the description of how he or she looks. In an era, man has claimed their supremacy in every space- water, sky, land; we still don’t introduce someone by their work. Physical appearance is inherited with birth; we often seem to forget that.  Dwarfism is a condition of short stature, as a result of a medical or genetic condition. But being unaware of that we make fun of dwarf people, in the circus, they work as Joker and we laugh. All these difficulties could not stop the Japanese woman who has turned the opposite flow in her direction. The story of a successful model who suffers from dwarfism will inspire everyone as she has pursued a successful career in modeling.

Goto has the height of a first-grade student. When she was in school like other teenagers of her class she could not flip fashion magazines. Being a fashionista of the class was not possible for her. Appealing colorful dresses was tough to find for her.  When she was in middle school she used to look like a junior school student in middle school dress.

Goto suffers from genetic achondroplasia, which stunts physical growth, especially in the arms and legs. People even used to look at her curiously when she used to walk normally. Though she never faced the direct bully, people used to tease her at back.

But her life turned to another direction when she started playing drum for her school band. "There was an amusing response from the audiences that came to see our concerts because my body was hidden behind the drums and it appeared as if the drums were playing on their own.", she told a local newspaper. Then she started to take her unique characteristics positively.

From the urge to make the dress fit people like her, she joined a fashion institute. But due to her deformities, she could not complete the course. It used to take longer time than usual due to her physical limitations. Her father suddenly died of a brain hemorrhage during this period. But she did not breakdown. She started to attend meetings with others who have the same genetic disorder and their families.  She talked about the limitations to wear the clothes and how to be more fashionable. Then she again started going to a vocational art school to study drawing and design. She started her own blog. She also used to conduct solo exhibitions of her fashion illustrations and fashion items. Then gradually she reached International Dwarf Fashion Festival.

Now she is recruited in apparel designing firm. The firm works for disabled and elderly who can enjoy their dresses without about their bodies or age. "I hope my appearances in public will help promote Japanese society's understanding" about people with disabilities, Goto said. The last line sums up Goto’s life story.