EU leaders boost support for Libya to halt migrant exodus
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 24-Jun-2017

Berlin, June 24: EU Summit 2017 in Brussels saw world leaders arriving from across all European historic and developed nations. The Summit was not all about Brexit but also about other issues like migration from Libyan coast. The ISIS suffering country, Libya and Syria are the affected areas and an abode to the terrorists. Residents of Libya are fleeing away their homes and towns to keep themselves safe in the European borders. In fact, statistics reveal that 70,000 people have arrived from Libya to Italy so far this year. However, on Friday, the European leaders have pledged to boost their support for conflict-ravaged Libya as the people are fleeing Africa on crowded and unsafe boats to reach Europe.

European Council Donald Tusk addressed the issue and spoke on how the situation has turned critical due to the refugees’ uninformed arrivals. "While it is true that we are taking many of the right steps, the only result that really matters to us is to put a definitive end to this tragic situation," said Tusk on the two-day EU summit in Brussels.

EU leaders, meanwhile, want to replicate with Libya a migration-deterrence deal it has with Turkey. Despite legal and human rights concerns about the EU-Turkey agreement, it has reduced drastically the number of people crossing the Aegean Sea to Greece.

French President Emmanuel Macron said "the crisis that we are living is not a passing crisis. It's a long-term challenge which will find its response only in the solutions in Africa," notably in "stabilizing the Libyan borders.

But human rights Amnesty International’s McGowan warned that "EU leaders need to urgently stop externalizing border control and asylum processing to foreign governments - including some with appalling human rights records."