Forced conversions… a nightmare for Pakistani Hindus
Source :News Bharati English   Date :26-Jun-2017

June 26, Lahore : Facing the heat of orthodox societal hegemony  the life of Hindus based in Pakistan have become miserable  with the emerging problem of forceful conversion resulting in mass exodus of Hindus from Pakistan.  According to leading newspaper The Nation, Hindu girls are being abducted forcibly converted and then married to Muslims.

The minority community is facing these atrocities which resulted into the drastic declination from 23 per cent to only 6 per cent. The report further underlined the fact that Hindu population mainly settled in Sindh province has been under scanner where Hindus belonging to lower caster are purposefully being targeted and exploited with the unruly act of forceful conversion.

According to a report by social organisation Movement for Solidarity and Peace, 1000 non-Muslim girls are converted to Islam every year in Pakistan and in Sindh, the ratio is 20 or more girls per month. The report further pointed that Hindus have been denied the freedom to live with respect. The minority class in the country is being socially ridiculed  for worshiping cows. Four million Hindus living in Pakistan witnessing the deliberate attempts of derogatory practices from the other side.  On the contrary, India has over 200 million Muslims and other minority groups as well, the Dawn had reported earlier.

The most horrifying fact of the matter where state machinery along with Pakistani police have refused to take any action coming out with the indirect consent to these developments with  legal patronage. According to social activist Dr Ramesh Kumar, the Patron-in-Chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council stated that large number of religious pressure groups are sponsoring hate mongering in the region and create enough pressure to stop anyone from taking any action.

In the 1998 Census the Hindu population was found to be 2,443,614. More than 5000 Hindu families have been migrated from Pakistan to India.  The atrocities by the Pakistani government and the stern conditions of the Sharia Law has become detrimental for the social harmony in the county like Pakistan.