After Bellandur Lake, now Hyderabad's Ramakrishnapuram Lake vomits ‘toxic foam’
Source :News Bharati English   Date :27-Jun-2017

Hyderabad, June 27: After Bellandur lake of Bengaluru, now Hyderabad's Ramakrishnapuram was constantly spewing foam disrupting normal lives of people in Hyderabad. This phenomena has left the vicinity disturbed as the water which reaches homes of the people might get contaminated with toxic which in return will affect the huge number of people.

On Monday morning, Residents woke up to a foul smell and saw froth gushing out of the drain. They alleged that chemical, animal and human waste is dumped in the lake, besides drainage, especially from the defense areas, released into it.  The residents are much worried about the froth which is taking over the drains linked to the lake and also about the Alwal catchment area from where the water makes its way into homes of hundreds of residents.

According to a resident, ''the colonies are using the borewells for their daily needs. But if the groundwater is carrying this polluted water then the same must be entering into our homes.'' Over the years, the lake has now shrunk to around 35 acres due to the indiscriminate dumping of garbage and solid waste on one side and encroachment on the other. Cleaning attempts were taken by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in 2014, but the efforts ended halfway, leaving the lake to its fate.

During June 2016, the Residents of Allwyn state of Kukatpally in Hyderabad were startled when they saw a waste hurling lethal foams. The seepage in Dharaninagar was producing out harmful froth, making alarm among individuals. The occupants of Allwyn settlement were stunned as it was the first run through when they saw the seepage close to their home spilling out destructive chemicals.