Add Angola to your travel list next for its sparkling ocean and pristine mountains; read here!
Source :News Bharati English   Date :28-Jun-2017

Luanda, June 27: Tourism is enlarging itself into a bigger industry day by day. The idea of travel and exploring world has taken over the minds of young people as well as adults. Indians are touristing everywhere around the world. One of the favourite places of people remains to be South Africa. The massive continent across the world holds the most exotic and the rarest of flora and fauna which attracts the tourists all the way more. One such unexplored place in South Africa is Angola.


Angola consists of 1,600 km of scenic coastline, breathtaking landscapes and exceptional cultural heritage. The outstanding natural beauty of Angola has still not been figured out by many explorers. However, hoteliers have found the charm in the very heart of Angola. One such investor/hotelier has built Pululukwa resort with 210 hectare site. It is luxury eco-lodge with animal sanctuary of its own.  This 35 million dollar property serves the best handpicked and high-end cultural cuisines.

Fifteen years after the end of the civil war, Angola’s image abroad is changing. A lot of thought is going into developing a strategy to boost tourism, by making it easier for visitors to obtain visas. Angola’s national airline company is developing a new strategy. The goal is, of course, to promote Luanda (Capital of Angola) as a tourism destination. But it goes further: thanks to a partnership with the airline giant Emirates. To turn Angola into a transit hub, Emirates will promote Angola as a tourist destination. A new strategy which has allowed the airline company to balance its losses in 2016 and recover financial stability – providing a sound basis to boost tourism in Angola.