Health is wealth; 1st WHO Africa forum suggests health as the basis for socioeconomic development
Source :News Bharati English   Date :29-Jun-2017

Kigali, June 29: In childhood, we were taught in schools –Health is Wealth. Following the same principle,  WHO suggests Africa that being healthy is the basis for all socioeconomic development. Africa is the only continent in the world where the population as a whole is getting younger. Hence vitality of Youth is the greatest gift for Africa. To safeguard this vitality, Africa needs to work together for a healthy youth. World health organization held is the first forum in Africa’s  Rwanda from 27th June to 28th June.

Africa has major health issues. Hence ‘Putting People First: The Road to Universal Health Coverage in Africa’ was the overall theme of the forum. The regional director of WHO urged private sector in Africa to invest more in the health sector and appealed to other stakeholders to support Africa’s efforts. The essential need for strong actions to maintain the health of Youth and adolescents was discussed.

“Being healthy is the basis for all socioeconomic development, and without it, nothing will work. For this reason, African countries must work together, sharing experiences, which will translate the 2063 vision of health and wellbeing into reality. I call upon our African countries to set up strategies to help them implement the resolutions from this Forum”, WHO regional director Dr. Matshidiso Moeti said.

While facing a huge burden of communicable diseases, new threats such as non-communicable diseases & climate change are making the human, social & economic development of African population tougher. So making health care affordable for every individual of Africa is mandatory and partnerships and stronger collaboration are critical.