Delhi drivers to receive health checkups for 2 months at all CNG stations of IGL
Source :News Bharati English   Date :29-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 29: Science and Technology Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and Petroleum Minister  Dharmendra Pradhan, together, inaugurated the Swasth Saarthi Abhiyaan (SSA). The Swasth Saarthi Abhiyaan (SSA) is a two month long mega campaign focusing on providing preventive healthcare to the auto, taxi and bus drivers of the region. The SSA event is a unique initiative to address the major issues being faced by public transport drivers of the region, with almost all of them being users of CNG.

Dharmendra Pradhan in his address said that the drivers in the capital region are partners in the growth story of gas used as fuel in vehicles. CNG is used in vehicles for transport, domestic use, autos etc. He said that approx 4.5 lakh vehicles which use CNG contribute to the Rs 3000 Cr business of IGL. He said that new aim should be to increase this business from Rs 3000 Cr to Rs 30,000 Cr.Embeded Object

The campaign will provide free health checkup which includes blood test, sugar test, and eye test with the help of doctors from St Stephen hospital. Pradhan also added that IGL is planning to provide health insurance which would also include death benefits for drivers in the Capital. The Minister launched the Swasth Saarthi web application which will enable the drivers undergoing the health checkups during the campaign to access their health records online from anywhere, in case of need. The campaign would continue in form of health camps at various CNG stations of IGL till 31st August 2017.Embeded Object

On the Fuel Conservation Workshop, the Minister called upon the drivers to conserve fuel and make use of the workshop to get trained in the fuel conservation methods.

A ‘Fuel Conservation Workshop’ for drivers was also organized by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) as a part of Saksham 2017 – the mass Oil and Gas Conservation Campaign. The campaign is also being supported by Delhi Police to disseminate the message of road safety and responsible behavior among the drivers.

Wrestler, Ms. Babita Phogat was also present on the occasion and lent her voice to the campaign for promoting responsible behavior among the drivers. Road Safety Cell and Women Safety Cell of Delhi Police organized skits and street plays to spread messages of road safety and responsible behavior towards passengers, especially women and elderly.