Patanjali will rescue Uttarakhand from migration by providing education, jobs: Baba Ramdev
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 03-Jun-2017

Dehradun, June 3: Uttarakhand might look like a very tranquil and a calm tourist spot of India but not many know about the crisis that the people face there. Governor of Uttarakhand, KK Paul in his Republic Day speech mentioned migration as the biggest problem of the hilly state as it still continues. Governor Paul added that providing road connectivity, health services, education, and communication facilities along with outward migration in the state stands as a major problem. Addressing the media on the occasion of the anniversary of the Hari Seva Ashram said that he will curb the migration of people from the hills of Uttarakhand. He also ensured that he will provide employment opportunities to the people there. Patanjali will boost employment in the hilly areas in the fields of education and agriculture, as per the report.

Today, many people may not believe it, around 1100 villages out of a total of 16793 villages in the state are completely deserted, 600 villages are left only with 10 percent of population and 3000 villages have seen a migration of 10-20 percent. Governor Paul in his address said the most effective tool to combat migration is education as it can usher in development in the state. He added that facilities in remote and border areas of the state can be improved by getting good teachers and clean school buildings for efficient teaching. The Governor also added that children require art culture and yoga for all-round development.