Bihar CM advises to stop Child Marriages for prevention of stunted child growth
Source :News Bharati English   Date :30-Jun-2017

Jehanabad, June 30: Child Marriage is an evil social disease in India. Though the minimum legal age of marriage is 18, a huge number of girls undergo this evil practice. Child marriage violates a girl’s right to health, education, and choice. In the states such as Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan – the scenario is worse than the rest of India. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has criticized this bad social habit in his state. He has pointed out the practice as the main obstacle to Child’s growth.

In these cases, the law can give punishment but to bring a major prevention awareness is very much needed. Common mass needs to understand how this practice totally stunts the social development along with the development of the child. The children are the future representatives of next generation. Hence a healthy child is very important for better future and better nation.

Bihar CM yesterday addressed an event in Jehanabad. There he announced government’s plan to launch an awareness program to prevent child marriage and dowry. Bihar wants to get rid of all prevailing social disease. The state already suffers from the stunted growth of children, that is why he urged people to stop child marriage.

According to a report from International Food Policy Research Institute, 4 out of 10 children suffer from stunting. This is a condition marked by impaired growth and development.

Child Marriage is the worst form of child exploitation. If every state starts taking steps against this, India will enjoy a better future.