Beware! Currency notes are causing diseases
Source :News Bharati English   Date :30-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 30: Microbes have made our phones, seats, door knobs and all our personal belongings as their home. A study conducted by a biologist Jane Carlton at New York University has found that Propioni bacterium, bacteria known to cause acne are spreading through bank notes.

A similar study also found traces of DNA on ATM keypads, reflecting the kind of food people ate in different neighborhoods. The research team discovered traces of DNA from domestic animals and from specific bacteria that are associated only with certain foods.

The things found on a currency note are eerie and bizarre, ranging from faecal matter to our pets’ DNA Drugs, hair, dust, skin, mucous, bacteria and viruses are also some of the things found on our currency notes. The findings demonstrate how money can silently record human activities, leaving behind so-called molecular echoes.

Disease transmission linked to money is rare, and no major disease outbreaks have started from our ATMs. Although it doesn’t seem common for diseases to transmit through money, there are ways we could make our money cleaner.

Researchers are working on ways to clean money between transactions. Putting older bills through a machine that exposes them to carbon dioxide at a specific temperature and pressure can strip dollar bills of oils and dirt left behind by human fingers, while the heat kills microbes that would otherwise linger.