Darjeeling again witnesses violence of Morcha supporters
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 30-Jun-2017

Darjeeling, June 30: Time is passing soon but Darjeeling seems to be rest in the same condition. The violent clashes over there have become episodic in nature. With the increased pressure from the administration, the violent protest from Morcha is also increasing at the same time. Mirik Corporation’s vice chairman A.K.Jimba has become seriously injured by Morcha supporters. In addition to that, Morcha has been alleged for setting a fire in GTA office.

According to a local police source, a group of Morcha supporters attacked Mirik municipality’s Vice Chairman’s place. They threw Petrol Bomb targeting his home. A part of his house is harmed. He got a head injury and was transferred to hospital. He is now in stable condition.

They have set a fire in some parts of the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council office. The same trend they followed in Tung Panchayet. A police patrol has complained robbery of arms by Morcha supporters. Mirik Police Chief LB Rai said the situation is under control. However, no one has been arrested yet.

Last Tuesday, they burnt down GTA contract papers. Even local police claimed that the office of the Engineering Division of GTA and the Rajbari Panchayat office in Fulbarazar area of Darjeeling was set on fire.

The long-stretched shutdown of Morcha has completely devastated normal life in the hill area. Food Stock is almost finished, shops are closed, business is affected- the political situation in Darjeeling is still at unrest.

The situation has gone so far that Gorkha children even participated in protests. “We are not going to learn Bangla language and we want a new home as Gorkhaland,” the slogan was raised.