Japan plans for ‘hotel ships’ to deal with Olympics accommodation shortage
Source :News Bharati English   Date :30-Jun-2017

Tokyo, June 30: Hosting Olympic is prestigious for any country but hosting it properly is more important. Japan has got the huge responsibility of 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Along with the players, a lot of representatives from different countries, leaders, the audience will come to visit the nation. To securely arrange the lodging for guests, now Japan has chosen substitute way.  Yesterday, a meeting was held to use cruise ships as hotels to boost accommodation.

This is not the first time but in 2014 games in Sochi and the 2018 games in Rio de Janeiro, Cruise Ships were used. Whereas government wants to attract foreign visitors more towards Japan using this opportunity, accommodation shortage is now concerning both private and public sector.

It is being predicted that more than eight million Japanese and foreign people are supposed to come to Tokyo and the vicinity during Olympic Games. Now it is very urgent to secure their accommodation.  Handling it as an urgent issue, a committee with related ministries and agencies as well as cruise ship industry groups discussed the issue. The committee will judge all the issue related to the necessary arrangement, law for introducing so called hotel ships.

Legal issues are high on agenda as there are port calls, the issue with the longtime use of cruise ship as hotel accommodation. Customs duties on meals to be served in cruise are also under discussion.

The ports of Tokyo and Yokohama are capable of dealing with large-scale luxury cruise ships. Hence these two are topping the chart for hotel ship plan.