Notice: Using Mobile is strictly prohibited during school hours- for Teachers
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 30-Jun-2017

Bangalore, June 30: After receiving several complaints about teachers getting distracted due to mobile phones, education department came up with the rule that the teachers cannot use mobile phones during school hours in Bangalore.

The Bengaluru teachers working in government, aided and unaided schools have to stop using their mobile phones during their duty hours. Failing to do so will have to face serious action from the education department.

Several complaints coming across several incidents in which teachers were seen using their mobile phones forced the department to take strict action against them. Now the teachers are prohibited from using mobile phones during school hours and even while teaching.

Already, the order of ban on using mobile phones by the teachers during duty hours was issued when Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri was primary and secondary Education Minister, but the order was not implemented seriously across the state.

Recently the order is passed by Bidar Deputy Director of Public Instruction (DDPI) HC Chandrashekar keeping in mind that teachers are distracted by use of social media and this directly affects the education.

So teachers put away your mobile phones, especially the smart ones during school hours or face a strict action.

The department has appealed to the teaching community to support the move as the use of mobile phones is contaminating the schools’ atmosphere. The Bengaluru South DDPI BH Ashwatha Narayana Gowda directed “If any teacher is found using these gadgets during school hours despite the government order, stringent action will be initiated against erring teachers. The headmasters of the schools should take steps to make sure that no teacher in his school is using mobile phones”.

The order passed also states that School Principal will be held responsible if any teacher found using mobiles during school hours.

Even though the rule doesn’t apply on Principle, he/she should not use phones while in the classroom.