U.S State Department approves $1.4 billion arms sales to Taiwan
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 30-Jun-2017

Washington, June 30: In a big move where U.S and Taiwan share cordial relations, the developed nation i.e. U.S State Department has approved weapons sale to Taiwan worth $1.4 billion. The arms sale to Taiwan consists of 7 items ranging from Early Warning Radar Surveillance, the Joint Standoff Weapon, anti-radiation missiles, and torpedoes to components of SM-2 missiles. This particular big giveaway is going to anger China as it considers the only self-governing body for the small island of Taiwan.

 These arms sales are an upgrade to current defense ones from analog to digital. State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said that the Trump administration had earlier notified Congress of the big move. However, the whole arms sale does not violate the Taiwan Relations Act that defines the relations of America with the small island country.

‘One China’ policy was earlier also challenged by Obama who had authorized billion dollar sales to the Taiwan military department. However, after Trump came into power, he said that he denies to agree on such terms with ‘One China’ policy. He openly said that he will not commit to ‘One China’ policy until Beijing changes its currency and trade policies. 'One China' policy refers to the policy or the diplomatic acknowledgement that there is only one state called China, despite the existence of two governments – one in China and another in the island of Taiwan.