What “#NotInMyName” in reality means
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 30-Jun-2017

A few days ago, Arnab Goswami did a programme on his Republic TV, which in effect, was a sting operation on S. P. Uday Kumar, the infamous anti-nuclear power activist, who has been attacking the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant for the last several years.

In the programme, Uday Kumar was shown agreeing to receive foreign funds by other means, as his own accounts and his party’s accounts were frozen by the government for being in receipt of illegal foreign funds for his agitation programs.

For the last several months, the Modi government has been adopting several measures to block foreign funds flowing into the pockets of NGOs, which had been carrying on overt and covert activities considered as being anti-national. Religious conversions, terror funding in different parts of India like J&K, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, A.P., Kerala, Karnataka and also the North East, etc. are some of the activities, which had attracted the government’s action.

It is generally believed that these several thousand NGOs have been impoverished by the government’s applying the squeeze on the sourcing of funds.

On 28th June 2017, we were told by several TV channels that people held protest programs, “#NotInMyName” in several cities in India and abroad against the lynching of several ‘innocent’ people during the last few months. In this article, I am trying put together a coherent picture of what I saw and heard on the English News Channels of India, like NDTV, News18, India Today and Times Now.

The picture that has emerged is as confusing as it is revealing and the voices I heard were discordant, even while they were all united against the Modi government for seemingly being sympathetic towards the perpetrators of the crimes.

The first aspect that struck me as revealing is about the attendance of the crowds at the various venues. It was amusing to watch Rajdeep Sardesai (IndiaToday) claiming “massive crowds” at all venues, while his star invitee, Ramachandra Guha, the brightest star in the present day Left-wing historians of India, tried to moderate the size of the crowd in the Bangalore protest as being ‘very modest to modest’ (meaning just a few hundred).

If he was very put off by the unkind and seemingly unfeeling people of Bangalore giving the “international event” a conspicuous miss, he was visibly overawed by the presence at the event of Girish Karnad, the 80-year-old actor, who, he said, came with his oxygen cylinder to mark his protest! As if Karnad’s presence compensated for the thinness of the crowd! It was a different matter that this too went unnoticed by the people at large, who preferred to stay away from a demonstration, which had clear anti-Hindu and anti-national connotations.

Most interestingly, Ramachandra Guha, who is a historian, conveniently forgot his history, even a recent one, while remembering the lynching of Mohammed Akhlaq in U.P. In his own state of Karnataka, almost at the same time as Akhlaq's lynching, a Hindu young man called Prashant Poojary was lynched in a place called Moodabidri by a bunch of Muslim cow smugglers. This murder stands witness to the selective outrage put on display by the likes of Ramachandra Guha and Rajdeep Sardesai. Selective anger, selective sympathy and selective empathy-all were put on ample display by Ramchandra Guha, who spoke so eloquently and passionately on Rajdeep Sardesai’s programme! None among the few hundred pseudo seculars who had gathered in Bangalore to shout “#NOtInMyName” ! remembered Prashant Poojary!!

It was not much different in Mumbai and Delhi. Rana Ayyub, who is, charitably, described as a senior journalist (!), was plainly off-colour on India Today TV, when she admitted, rather forlornly, that the crowd in Mumbai was around a thousand (meaning just a few hundred), which she attributed to the off-putting rains. In fact, she was so off-colour that when the debate was going against the grain of her 'secular' claim that the protest was not selective outrage, she walked out on the programme host, Rahul Kanwal!!!

And on NDTV (Left, Right & Centre), Shabnam Hashmi, the self-proclaimed atheist but generally described as Left-wing activist (she is the latest addition to the award waapsi crowd!), too accepted that the crowd at Jantar Mantar in Delhi was around seven hundred (others put it just under five hundred), which included, as per the host, Nidhi Razdan, a lot of journalists and politicians of the Left-communist brigade.

Again, it was a revelation to me as it was to many other discerning people on Twitter how events like these depend on large supplies of money to be successful and how Modi and his government had, as in the case of Uday Kumar, directly and indirectly, caused the total collapse of the protest programmes like #NotinMyName. For, let there be no mistake, this much-hyped international event was, in reality, a flop show! Even the 'ever-ready-to-protest-against-Modi' JNU crowds were conspicuously missing from the Jantar Mantar protest, sending clear signals to the organisers that 'No money means No Show'!!

If the crowds everywhere left the Left-secular Parivar nothing to crow about, there were discordant and often contradictory voices about the purpose of the whole thing. While some of the panellists claimed that it was a protest against the lynching of Junaid, the 15-year-old Muslim boy from Vallabhgarh (Haryana) supposedly by Hindu Gau Rakshaks, many others claimed, equally vehemently, that it was also to protest against all lynchings.

More importantly, it came as a revelation that what was tom-tommed as a hate-killing of a Muslim boy by Hindu gau rakshaks, is nothing but a petty quarrel among a group of people travelling in a crowded train quickly and most, unfortunately, turning into a physical fight and death by stabbing!

It was also very amusing to hear Rajdeep Sardesai and also Ramachandra Guha make the specious claim that the protests were totally apolitical and focused only on the lynching of Junaid, only to be made to look silly by Saba Dewan, supposedly the prime mover of the idea of these protests, who, in the same show, was absolutely clear that it was all about politics, all about protesting against the BJP and its government/s, and she told Rajdeep Sardesai that they were protesting only the lynching of Junaid but NOT of Dy.S.P. Ayub Pandit, who too was lynched by Islamic funds in Srinagar on the same day Junaid was stabbed to death!

The same Saba Dewan made one of the tallest claims on News18 that all lynchings happened only after 2014 and also only after Modi came to power! It was given to the erudite and quietly impressive Vikram Sampath, the budding historian and author from Bangalore, to produce on NDTV, Anand Ranganathan-compiled authentic facts and figures, proving that much more lynchings took place under the (UPA) regime of our "accidental prime minister", Dr Manmohan Singh!

But, it was given to Times Now TV to expose the links between the #NotInMyName organisers and the anti-India groups in Pakistan and U.K. The “protests” in Karachi under the same hashtag exposed the hollowness of the claim made by Rajdeep Sardesai and other seculars of the protests being ‘totally apolitical’!

That the protests, codenamed #NotInMyName, were not what they were suggestive of was clear to all who watched the goings on TV. They were indeed meant to attack Narendra Modi personally and Hindus, who are demanding bans on cow slaughter and a look at this photo will make it amply clear:

Shekhar Gupta, the Ayatollah of secular media, has called India, “Lynchistan”! For Gupta and others like him, Prashant Poojary is an irritating statistics. And so is Dy. SP Ayub Pandit! For the Shekhar Gupta and others in the presstitute group, here are some statistics for the year 2012. Needless to say, it happened under the UPA rule"

 Source: Anand Ranganathan of Newslaundry.

The sooner we separate these pseudo liberals and fake seculars from the composite Indian society that wants to live peacefully and get on with life, the better for India.