Keep it up! On #WorldEnvironmentDay Kerala goes Green by planting 1 Crore saplings
Source :News Bharati English   Date :05-Jun-2017

Thiruvananthapuram, June 5: Today the whole world is celebrating #WorldEnvironmentDay, Kerala has set a benchmark by planting 1 Crore sapling on the auspicious occasion by setting an example for the whole world. No wonder the high literacy works magic in this state- Kerala, Keep it up!

The state started a campaign to plant 1 Crore saplings as part of its ‘Haritha Keralam (Green Kerala)’ mission today.Total 47 lakh school students planted saplings. Government bodies, colleges, and social organizations, among others, also planted saplings.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, movie actors, and cultural icons have all been trying to popularize the campaign through radio, television and print advertisements.

“The world is moving towards an environmental emergency due to climate change. It was just the other day that the United States of America withdrew unilaterally from the Paris agreement,” Vijayan said in a Facebook post on Sunday night.

Kerala Governor P. Sathasivam, who inaugurated the state-wide campaign, also appealed to the public to plant more trees and turn to renewable energy sources, in a statement.

The departments have supplied saplings of about 100 varieties of fruit-bearing and medicinal trees including moringa, seethappazham (custard apple), veetti (rosewood), teak, kunnivaka (kala siris), nelli (amla), elengi (bullet wood), thanni (bahera), asokam, mango tree, kanikkonna (rajbrikh), njaval (jamun), kambakam (Malabar ironwood), neermaruthu (arjuna), sandal, venga (bijasal), poovarasu (bhendi), curry tree, manimaruthu (jarul, queen crape myrtle) and kumbil (gamari).