Lack of administrative vision leaves a large industrial hub of West Bengal, Asansol still thirsty
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 05-Jun-2017

Asansol, June 5: The city of Asansol is located in the west part of West Bengal. Water Scarcity never leaves the city behind. People standing in a queue for water is a very familiar picture here. Even its being an influential industrial area, after 70 years of independence it has got never rid of this problem. During vote campaign, political parties give assurance to solve the problem but after the election, it fades away. The long 34-year rule of Left Front could not do anything for the district, especially for Salanpur area.  After that TMC government also did nothing. A special report of Salanpur area gives the integrated picture. The internal politics leaves the innocent civilians thirsty.

During 1972-77 Congress rule only one water storage was built under Kalyaneswari water project.  Under that project Denduyar water storage and pumping station were built. But after that, not single water storage was built in the block, Salanpur. Under the mines and normal lands, water does not exist. The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited the area several times but the problem is not solved.

The MP of Barbani Bidhan Upadhaya and Shyamal Majumder, the panchayat secretary of the area are aware of the problem. The primary work to build two new water storage has been started in the block. But after the starting, the work beside the river banks is on hold for two long months. But both of them don’t know about it.  Even district magistrate, BDO is not informed about this problem by governmental departments. This clearly shows the lack of coordination between different sectors of government. The place from where the water will come by pipe, the work over there is stopped. Though Bidhan Upadhyaya has promised to restart the work as early as possible. If these two pumps stat working, a large population of the area will be saved from the scarcity.

With the increasing heat, water scarcity is increasing in the area.  Rapid urbanization and new housings are increasing the water scarcity. It is high time for Asansol Municipal Corporation to take proper steps.