BMS President calls for complete reorganization of NITI Ayog
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 06-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 6: The Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), India’s number one trade union has called for complete overhauling of the NITI Ayog as it has failed to address to the aspirations of the common man.

Newly elected BMS President, a Kerala-based lawyer C K Shaji Narayanan made this suggestion to the Modi Government to completely reorganise the NITI Ayog to “suit the needs of real India”, after the just concluded all India conference of the BMS.

The policy document of NITI Ayog’s website showed that the social sector, including labourers, BPL people, farmers and backward classes and micro industries are totally neglected, Narayanan said alleging that it has not understood the real India. This prompted the BMS to take a strong stand against the NITI Ayog, he added.

Elaborating his idea of ‘real India’ Shaji Narayanan said that the NITI Ayog was unable to address the issues of BPL population, farms sector that needed measures to stop farmers’ suicides, supporting the manufacturing sector and coping with the falling foreign trade, and generating jobs. The NITI Ayog is based its efforts on a failed paradigm of corporate capitalism and this has led to its failure, the BMS leader said.

Recalling the resolution moved by RSS founder Dr K B Hedgewar in the 1920 Congress session at Nagpur against capitalism, the BMS president said that 2008 global crisis proved Dr Hedgewar prophetic with the failure of capitalism. Communism had already failed to fulfil the aspirations of the people. Hence, the entire world id looking for an alternative to these failed ideologies, he added.

Making a bold statement Shaji Narayanan claimed that more jobs have been lost that created under the Modi government as excessive stress on FDI wiped out the small scale and micro sectors form many places in India.

He said that India needed a labour-intensive technologies and policies but government is importing everything including the experts most of whom were advisers to financial institutions in the USA. Those institutions have collapsed and their experts have migrated to India and are advising the government. Our economy cannot afford it. Indian conditions have some unique features. During a conference in Geneva, global experts pointed out that India was the least affected by the 2008 crisis that spread everywhere from Wall Street and said they wanted to learn from India.

Commenting on the BMS resolution on NITI Ayog ‘limping on social sector side’, the BMS President said that all the suggestions and proposals of NITI Ayog are against the common man and the government has also disowned some of them like taxing the farm income.

It also suggested several anti-labour proposals to amend labour laws and tried to erode the Supreme Court’s order on “equal pay for equal work”, but the labour ministry rejected its proposal. Moreover, maintaining this think-tank is an expensive exercise.

Criticizing NITI Ayog does not mean that the BMS was opposed to the policies of Modi government, the BMS president tried to explain. The BMS only stands for the workers and judge the government on the basis of its approach towards the working class, he said describing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as an “inspiring personality” whose efforts are being “neutralised by these people and by the defects in the policy.

We are only standing on the workers’ side. We judge the government on the basis of its approach towards workers. Narendra Modi is an inspiring personality, but his efforts are being neutralised by these people and by the defects in policy.