Trump plans to privatize air traffic control; sticks to 'travel ban'
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 06-Jun-2017

Washington, June 6: The recent moves of Donald Trump totally indicate he wants to reform Air travel of US. The US president Donald Trump on last Thursday ordered Supreme Court to revise the order to bar travelers from six states for 90 days from entering the United States. He termed it as “Travel Ban”. The revised version of the temporary travel ban concerning nationals from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen was introduced by Trump on 6th March. Yesterday he finally announced Air Traffic Control Initiative for safer and more comfortable journeys, especially for modernized Air travel.

He wants to privatize America's air traffic control system and separate it from the FAA  as he thinks the Federal agency is too antiqued for the change. Trump at the beginning of his speech told that air traffic control system was designed when roughly 100,000 people flew at our airports each year whereas now approaching nearly one billion passengers annually. The old age air traffic control causes flight delays and crippling inefficiencies, costing US economy as much as $25 billion a year in economic output. He criticized Obama administration for spending over $7 billion trying to upgrade the system and its failure to make it.

He proposed new principles to Congress for air traffic control reform making flights quicker, safer and more reliable. According to him, air traffic controllers support the reform and they can give the advice to change it. He wants to turn the system a self-financing, non-profit organization.

“A modern air traffic control system will make life better for all Americans who travel, ship, or fly.  It will reduce cost and increase convenience for every American consumer -- and these new efficiencies will produce a huge economic boost for the country, and for the 1 in 14 American jobs that aviation supports.” , Trump said in the press conference.