Unpredictable Nature brings rain to drought affected capital of S Africa through #capestorm
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 07-Jun-2017

Cape Town, June 7: Before some days, Cape Town was experiencing a severe drought. The capital of South Africa was waiting for the rain to recover from the drought. The usable water in the dams of the city is now at 9.6%.But unfortunately, the long –awaited rain came with a storm with the speed of 70 km per hour. Forecasters predicted this will be the worst storm to hit the city in three decades.

High winds and heavy rain are lashing in the town. Even Stellenbosch University has postponed its exams due to the weather condition. The weather has suddenly become cold after the rainfall. Meteorologist Candice McKechnie has predicted the rain would take it pick up from the afternoon.

Report of injuries has been also published by local media. Trees were uprooted in Durbanville, Delft, Platterkloof and Plumstead areas. Even the transport system of the city may face problems as already reports of flooding have come through in Knysna and Grabouw leading to road closures.

"Trees were uprooted, some [areas have experienced] power outages. The disaster management center will be monitoring high-risk areas and vulnerable communities to coordinate emergency response," Disaster Risk Management spokesperson, Charlotte Powell said.  The management has also received many reports on damaged or blown away roofs.