Italy gives out 100 historic castles, inns for free to boost tourism; Know how!
Source :News Bharati English   Date :09-Jun-2017

Rome, June 9: Italy is one of the popular honeymoon destinations for couples. The serenity of Venice, the ethereal light of Tuscan hills and historic essence of Rome will woo anyone who once steps into this country. For people who love historic places will love this great news; Italy is giving away for free more than 100 historic monasteries, castles, stone towers, inns and railway stations.

There is, however, a catch. Many of the 103 properties are crumbling, having been abandoned for decades; new owners will be expected to restore them out of their own pocket. The initiative was announced by the state property agency, aiming to improve new life in the rural areas.

The initiative is a clever one by the government to boost tourism as the property holder has will have to show plans of how they will renovate the structure and turn them into business. Italy has circa 40% of the youth population and a special consideration will itself be given to the young crowd.

They will be initially offered a nine-year lease, with the option of extending it for another nine years.

More than 40 properties that will go on sale are on historic routes and pilgrimage trails. If the scheme is a success, another 100 properties will go on sale in 2019. With popular locations such as Rome, Venice, Florence and the Cinque Terre coastline of Liguria in danger of being swamped by increasing numbers of tourists, Italy is keen to disperse visitors to lesser-known areas.