‘Cutting Down’ Plastic is best than ‘Recycling’ it! Kerala soon to introduce ‘eco-friendly’ weddings
Source :News Bharati English   Date :09-Jun-2017

Kochi, June 9: Going Green is today’s need. While everyone is just speaking about doing this and that, Kerala stepped ahead with a decision by banning plastic plates in weddings. With an aim to promote the use of eco-friendly products at ceremonies like weddings, the Kerala government issued a green protocol.

The aim is to keep plastic and other non-biodegradable articles including disposable glasses and plates and thermocol decorations at bay, from marriage functions. Instead of this, people would be persuaded to use tumblers, plates and other utensils made of glass and environment-friendly metals. The plastic plates and the disposable plates will be apparently be replaced by environmental-friendly materials including tumblers and other utensils. The officials will also hold inspection and raid various marriage halls and hotels to check whether the directions are being followed.

The green protocol is launched as a part of the state government's anti-plastic drive and ‘Suchitwa Mission’, (Green-Kerala Mission). The government is inspired to promote plastic-free and zero waste weddings from the successful implementation of the green protocol in major events such as the National Games, the Attukala Ponkala and the Malayatoor Perunal, with support from the Suchitwa Mission. Besides plastic carry bags, use of plastic sheets, multi-layer plastic covers, disposable plates and glasses and packaged commodities will also be banned in the next phase.

“The core objective of the initiative is to reduce the use of plastic in daily life. Plastic articles including glasses and plates are used in large numbers during functions, especially marriage ceremonies in the state,” said C V Joy, Director (Operations), Suchitwa Mission. Joy added that it was more effective to discourage the use of plastic than recycle it. “We can reuse, recycle and reduce plastic. But, even if we reuse such non-biodegradable articles, there will not be much decline in its presence. So, reducing its use is the more effective way to achieve our plastic-free society goal.”