New “Selfie with Daughter” app launched to improve child sex ratio
Source :News Bharati English   Date :09-Jun-2017

New Delhi, June 9: Gender equality is a key step for the development of a nation. Even in this twenty-first century, there are many families who don’t welcome a new female member in the family. Fetus killing is one of the worst social diseases. A balanced sex ratio is very important for the better sociological condition. Today the President Pranab Mukherjee launched a mobile application ‘Selfie with Daughter’ with a vision to improve the child sex ratio of India.
On this occasion, the President congratulated Sunil Jaglan, who initiated the campaign in Haryana on ‘Selfie with daughter’, now that has turned into a worldwide movement against female feticides and sex selection. He hoped that this app will work as social stimuli to encourage every family to show support in every single achievement of their girl child. He also urged people to snap photos with their daughters and upload on the App to mark their success.

Embeded ObjectIn 2014, Ministry of Health and family analyzed and published their report on the last census, where they showed how child sex ratio is gradually declining in India. The highest was 973 females in per thousand males in 2001 census, it came down to 836 female per thousand male in next census (highest and lowest values are taken).Jaglan started this Campaign in 2015, in a village of Haryana. Still, he is working on women empowerment and village development. His aim is to use the mobile App as a trigger to motivate the parents to feel proud of their girl child. He hopes, this will indirectly reflect on the result of child sex ratio in India.